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“From a Little Boy, He Has Become World-Class”: Pep Guardiola Shows Off His Admiration for Phil Foden of Manchester City

<p>As talented as he is After Saturday’s victory against Bournemouth, manager Pep Guardiola said that while Phil Foden has sometimes been overlooked by Manchester City’s big players, the England attacker is now a world-class talent in his own right.</p>
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<p>after Foden’s ninth league goal of the year, champions City moved just one point behind Premier League leaders Liverpool after a straightforward 1-0 victory.</p>
<p>Foden was the driving force behind City’s pursuit of a fourth straight championship, as playmaker Kevin de Bruyne was substituted late on Saturday and Erling Haaland was not playing at his best due to an injury.</p>
<p>The 23-year-old Foden has emerged as one of City’s leaders on the field and has also provided seven assists this season.</p>
<p>Guardiola told reporters, “Forget about the goals—of course they are important—but do you know how he played?”</p>
<p>How he accelerated and controlled. He’s already developed into a really good football player. From a young child, he has developed into Phil, a top player in the globe.</p>
<p>“He is excellent. He is a really talented player who can play anywhere, particularly in the center position.</p>
<p>Now that City has gone 11 games without a loss in the league, Guardiola’s team is demonstrating once again that they can produce results at the conclusion of the season, even if Liverpool and Arsenal are closely behind them in the fight for the championship.</p>
<p>Midweek, they defeated Brentford 1-0, and Guardiola said that he was still amazed by his team’s resilience.</p>
<p>He said, “What can I say? The expectations are so high and the calendar is so demanding.” “What they have been doing with several games and other things for many years.</p>
<p>“And you always think they’re going to fail and stop doing it—they surprise me.”</p>

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