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‘New Adventure Soon’: Nikhil Siddhartha announces Karthikeya 3 after the huge success of the prequel

<p>The highly anticipated follow-up to his popular epic adventure series “Karthikeya” starring Nikhil Siddhartha is about to happen. ‘Karthikeya 3’ has been formally revealed by the actor, and fans are ecstatic. The series centers on an inquisitive medical student who sets out on a daring expedition to solve the mysteries surrounding an Indian temple. In the third installment of the franchise, Nikhil will return to the character of Dr. Karthikeya.</p>
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<p>For those who are unaware, “Karthikeya 2” was a huge hit among Hindi viewers as well. Speaking to FirstPost about his feelings after the film’s success in Hindi as well, he said, “Never. Never. Not in my most optimistic aspirations.</p>
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<p>We were aware that the movie will be released in Hindi and that viewers would attend. However, we never imagined that we would have such large attendance at such cheap ticket prices. There were a lot of footfalls. This is not what we expected, but hey, everything works out in the end. It has achieved some rather lofty goals.”</p>
<p>Speaking on his collaboration with Anupam Kher, he said, “As everyone knows, Anupam Kher sir is a man who needs no introduction.</p>
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<p>He is a global sensation. He just completed a 300-crore movie similar to The Kashmir Files. Working with such a large-scale performing talent is a little unsettling. He elevates the performances of all other actors. When I worked with him, my acting improved.</p>
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<p>We all benefited much from his appearance in the movie, particularly those of us in the Hindi belt. People kept going to watch the movie because of his performance, particularly in the moment when he talks about Lord Krishna’s aura and legacy. I will always be appreciative of him.”</p>

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