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FINALLY BREAKING SILENCE ON ‘Womaniser’ Accusation: ‘Kabhi Disrespect Nahi Kari’

<p>In the next episode, members of the media will be allowed into the Bigg Boss 17 house. In a recent commercial, Colors TV featured a journalist questioning competitor Munawar Faruqui over the accusations of being a “womaniser.”</p>
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<p>“Ankita ke kareeb ho gaye, jab Ankita ko jalane ki baari aaye toh Mannara ke kareeb ho gaye, munawar jab bhi Mannara ko jalane ki baari aaye toh“. “Ladkiyo ka hi istemaal karke aap aage badhe hai,” Munawar was informed by the journalist. The stand-up comic then gave his version of events, saying, “Aap bol rahe ho autro ko kandhe pe le kar gaya hai.” Without a doubt, Aurto ko respect di hai maine. No disrespect may be shown to others. Journalists were also seen questioning Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain, and Mannara Chopra in the same commercial.</p>
<p>Days after Ayesha Khan made multiple severe accusations against the stand-up comic and said he had proposed marriage to “another girl” before to joining Salman Khan’s program, Munawar Faruqui has provided an explanation. “Bahar ek ladki ko… aur ek ladki ko… rishta bhej kar aaya tha…” Aur ab yahan pe usage kar rahe hu for personal purposes. I’ll expose him completely,” she said. Ayesha has previously charged Munawar of “two-timing” her and his ex-girlfriend Nazila.</p>
<p>Samarth Jurel later referred to Munawar as a “womaniser” as well. Saying, “Ha toh woh hai,” Jurel was addressing a paparazzo when he left the Bigg Boss 17 house last week. Galat na ho ismein kuch nahin hai. It’s a workaholic’s dream come true. As a strong personality (He is one), Jaisa bhi bura time chal raha hai uska, uspe work karna chahiye aur phir se khada hona chahiye. Nothing is wrong with it. He needs to improve himself. Regardless of how difficult the moment is for him, he has to get through it and regain his strength of character.</p>

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