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What Is Known About Apple’s 2024 MacBook Air Launches, Which Will Bid Adieu To The Old Design

<p>This month, Apple introduced the new M3 silicone, updating the MacBook Air portfolio and essentially discontinuing the company’s previous standard MacBook Air model.</p>
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<p>If you’ve lately visited the Apple website, you’ll see that all MacBook Air models—especially the M1-powered Mac Airs—now come with a notch, which was not a characteristic of the previous generations. It is the largest lineup alteration that Apple has made, and with the notched screen in particular, it has split minds.</p>
<p>The MacBook Air is now more expensive thanks to the new models, but Apple should be proud that all of its Mac computers are now powered by M-series CPUs. It is evident that Apple saw the need to update the models’ designs and expand the Air lineup’s screen sizes in order to raise the price point of these new Macs.</p>
<p>Apple now offers two 13-inch variants that run on M2 and M3 silicones, respectively. The new M3 CPU is also used in the large 15-inch model. Thanks to recent revisions, the beginning price of the entry-level MacBook Air with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD is now Rs 99,900. If you also want to purchase the new Mac Air 15-inch model with 8GB of RAM, the price goes up to Rs 1,34,900. Therefore, be prepared to pay extra for the new design, new hardware, and Apple premiumness if you plan to purchase any of these new Mac Airs.</p>
<p>Having said that, you can still purchase the earlier M1 Mac Airs via a variety of online channels if you live in a country like India, and you can be confident that the firm will provide the necessary service and support.</p>

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