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Updated Prices for Gas and Diesel: Verify Prices in Your City on February 25

<p><strong>Fuel Rates on February 25, 2024:</strong> Every dawn at 6 am, the revelations of petrol and diesel costs emerge, whether they oscillate or endure in stability. This customary unveiling is orchestrated by petroleum marketing enterprises, adjusting rates in tandem with shifts in global crude oil values and foreign exchange rates. This procedure guarantees that consumers remain apprised of the daily vicissitudes in fuel expenditures.</p>
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<p>In India, the valuation of petrol and diesel is subject to factors such as freight charges, value-added tax (VAT), and local levies, leading to disparate rates across regions.</p>
<p>Current Petrol and Diesel Prices in India (Refer to city-specific rates below)</p>
<p><strong>Diesel Price in Delhi Today</strong></p>
<p>As of February 25, the diesel price stands at Rs 89.62 per litre.</p>
<p><strong>Petrol Price in Delhi Today</strong></p>
<p>As of February 25, the petrol cost in Delhi registers at Rs 96.72 per litre.</p>
<p><strong>Petrol and Diesel Rates in Mumbai</strong></p>
<p><strong>Mumbai Petrol Price Today</strong></p>
<p>As of February 25, the petrol cost in Mumbai persists beyond the Rs 100 threshold, touching Rs 106.31 per litre.</p>
<p><strong>Diesel Price in Mumbai Today</strong></p>
<p>As of February 25, the diesel rate in Mumbai is Rs 94.27 per litre.</p>
<p>Verify city-specific petrol and diesel rates on February 25;</p>
<p>Chennai 102.63 94.24<br />
Kolkata 106.03 92.76<br />
Noida 96.59 89.82<br />
Lucknow 96.62 89.66<br />
Bengaluru 101.94 87.89<br />
Hyderabad 109.66 97.82<br />
Jaipur 108.48 93.72<br />
Trivandrum 109.73 98.24<br />
Bhubaneswar 103.19 94.75</p>
<p>In India, fuel prices have maintained constancy since May 2022, subsequent to a reduction in fuel levies by the central government and various states.</p>
<p>Fuel retail prices undergo daily adjustments by petroleum marketing companies at 6 am, based on the global crude oil rates. Government oversight on fuel prices is executed through mechanisms like excise tax, base pricing, and price constraints.</p>
<p><strong>Determinants Influencing Petrol And Diesel Prices In India</strong></p>
<p><strong>Crude oil valuation:</strong> The principal raw material for petrol and diesel production is crude oil, and correspondingly, its valuation directly impacts the ultimate expense of these fuels.</p>
<p><strong>The exchange rate between the Indian rupee and the US dollar:</strong> As a significant importer of crude oil, India’s petrol and diesel prices are also swayed by the exchange rate between the Indian rupee and the US dollar.</p>
<p><strong>Taxation:</strong> Both central and state governments impose diverse taxes on petrol and diesel. These taxes may vary across states, exerting a noteworthy influence on the final prices of petrol and diesel.</p>
<p><strong>Refining costs:</strong></p>
<p>The ultimate price of petrol and diesel is further influenced by the expenditures incurred in refining crude oil into these fuels. The refining process can be expensive, and the refining costs may fluctuate based on factors like the type of crude oil utilized and the efficiency of the refinery.</p>
<p><strong>Demand for petrol and diesel:</strong> The prices of these fuels can also be impacted by their demand. An upsurge in demand for petrol and diesel can lead to escalated prices.</p>

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